Sanowara Drinks & Beverage Industries Ltd.

Sanowara Drinks & Beverage Industries Ltd.

This company established in 1997 manufacturing “ YES” Brand natural mineral water and “ KWALITY” brand ice cream Products. Both the products become the prime brands in the local market within a short period because of the qualities, branding and marketing strategy. We have developed sixty brands of items our products line, which is commonly known the market. Kwality is currently the second largest ice cream manufacturer of the country. The mother company for the Kwality brand is Sanowara Drinks & Beverages Ltd, a sister concern of Sanowara Group. The company is famous for powder milk brands Red Cow and Diploma in Bangladesh. The drinks and beverage concern of Sanowara made an entry into the market in 1997 with “Yes” brand drinking water and launched the ice cream brand in 1999. With heavy communication and novelty products it successfully removed other competitor from the third place with a current market share of 27%. The company also operates in the boutique segment with ten parlors in Dhaka and Chittagong.

Product Information

Since 1997, Sanowara Group offers it’s consumer Ice cream products and pure drinking water with maintaining strictly international standard in quality control and hygienic condition. Kwality ice cream occupied 35% and Yes drinking water occupied 20% of total market share in the country. The company also invest in R & D to find out the best possible combination of ice-cream that targets our valuable consumers
On the other hand our mineral water is manufactured and bottled in a controlled environment. Excluding all the touch and ensuring the highest standard to compete in the local market

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