Sanowara Dairy Foods Limited

Sanowara Dairy Foods Limited

To accommodate a huge number of people of Chittagong, Sanowara Holdings Limited was registered as a Private Limited Company by shares having its registered office at Chittagong. The Company has already been registered with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and expected to be implemented on the assurance or availability of Project finance of any Bank or financial Institution or such term and conditions that are suitable and mutually acceptable to both the parties. The Project has been designed to acquire land by purchase and to sell or to meet the country’s continuous growing demand of the same. At the request of the sponsors of the Company we have undertaken to conduct a evaluation study and to prepare the Feasibility Report on the Project taking all the relevant factors in to consideration. And accordingly this Report presents the findings of the evaluation study has been presented in the succeeding Chapters of this Report.

Product Information

All-purpose milk powder with vitamins and minerals. Diplomilk and Kwaity is serving your taste buds for last 14 years. However BUDGET is a brad new addition to our product line. Vitamins A & D enriched full cream milk powder is made from selected cow’s pure and fresh milk. Our Milk Powders are the highest quality milks, nutritious for the whole family and convenient to prepare. It is available in the market in regular format. This can be used just like cow’s milk for preparation of any milk-based items and recipes. It is excellent as straight drink and can be used with no prior mixing in tea, coffee etc. Simply sprinkle DIPLOMILK and Kwality directly on top of any beverage and stir.

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